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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 12, 2009 6:00pm-6:25pm EDT

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the truth is a very mighty powerful stick. from new york, good night, america. glenn: next on special report, n quors group says the president was wrong when he said they were behind his healthcare initiative. reaction to that and more. we have reaction from the town halls and worries over end-of-life issues and will show you video from the front lines of the latest marino fencive in afghanistan and with con stuks jobs scarce, mexicans inside the u.s. supporting families back home need bailing out themselves. all that plus the fox all-stars, right here, right now. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. the fireworks present at many healthcare town halls this
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month have a lot to do with whether the public believes that pelnnves that politicians are leveling with them, and the president's point man with the press was challenged today about some statement mrs. obama made that are not true. senior white house correspondent major garrett is checking the facts. >> the president's waging war against what he calls healthcare myths and disinformation. town halls like the one yesterday in new hampshire, the white house says, allowed him to do just that. >> the president went out of his way to bring up, in fact, service misinformation it turns out there to address it. >> but the president got it wrong yesterday when he said this about the powerful seniors lobby, aarp. >> we have the aarp onboard, because they know this is a good deal for our seen quors. >> aarp would not be endorsing a bill if it was undermining medicare. >> but aarp, 40 million members strong, has not endorsed anything. >> we continue to say in public and to the president,
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no, we have not yet endorsed it. >> aides say mr. obama was not trying to mislead the country on aarp's position. >> no, he just misspoke. >> isn't that something that can happen, that people can misspeak? >> not intentionally meaning to mislead? >> sure. i don't know if it has happened on certain subjects, but yeah. >> mr. obama's response came after legislation seeking $600 billion in cuts over medicaid spending over ten years. aarp agrees with the president that the cuts won't unduly hurt seniors. >> i think what the president was trying to communicate is accurate, and that is that we have studied the medicare savings in the proposed legislation, and we do not see any cut in benefits. >> aarp's relationship with the white house, at least on the healthcare issue, isn't exactly arm's length. it hosted a forum on healthcare with mr. obama and this week launched a web, t.v. and print campaign to knock
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down some of the myths that the white house is combatting. this ad is one of thee, starting tomorrow on national television. >> you will still be able to choose your doctor an insurance man. tell congress not to get in the way of fixing what is broken with healthcare. healthaction many healthcare town halls remain raucous even when it turns to cost concerns that the president himself calls legitimate. >> you are putting us into more debt! >> the obama administration has started to restore trust in the healthcare system by -- >> boo! >> on end-of-life issues, the white house conceded that johnny isaacson of georgia did not, as the president implied yesterday play any role in drafting the language on end-of-life issues. isaacson disagreed with sarah palin's description of the panels as, quote, death panels. isaacson said that was, quote, nuts but isaacson still
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opposes the house bill and had no role in drafting its language. bret. bret: major, the aarp isn't the only group that the president is claiming supports the democrats' healthcare legislation that is on the table. who are the others and what are they saying? >> the white house said through the p president in new hampshire that the american medical association, the american nurses association and the pharmaceutical industry all back health reform, which, is, in fact. the a.m.a. has endorsed the house health reform legislation but in many cases they have not. the nurses association is onboard and the pharmaceutical industry is still onboard but it will basically cancel that support, bret, if the white house takes back a deal limiting reductions in future benefits through drugmakers to $80 billion. if that changes, the deal is off. bret: and doctors and nurses say that those groups don't represent every doctor and nurse out there. >> not in every case, certainly not. bret: thank you, major. the g.o.p. senator trying to
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work with democrats on healthcare reform didn't get much encouragement today during his town hall session. carl cameron is live in ewe dam, iowa where senator chuck ghastly is holding his second meeting today. >> is the third meeting of the day and it has been overflow crowds an agitated iowans. they have all come to talk to chuck ghastly because he is the top republican among three, the lone republicans still negotiating with democrats to pass some sort of healthcare reform. >> how am i going to trust you people to do the right thing? >> i sense that people are scared for our country. >> ranking republicans on the senate finance committee drafting healthcare reform legislation, charles ghastly spent the day reassuring opponents. >> the government is not going to take over the healthcare system. but his ongoing chabbation with democrats has healthcare foes fear he will
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be caving. >> now the democrats are begging republicans to make it bipartisan. they're dragging them along. that makes conservatives nervous about senator grassley sitting in on some of those meetings. >> the senator argues it is his duty to negotiate, if not to moderate the democrats' proposals at least to know what they're manning. >> if you weren't at the table, you're the menu. >> he has pledged to oppose taxpayer-funded abortion and a host ofel other democratic proposals. he suggested he may quit talking soon because the president seems ready to ram through a bill without g.o.p. help. >> there is some indication that he may be moving ahead in a partisan way. >> mr. obama increased conservative anger at ghastly this week, by thanking him and two other g.o.p. senators who are still negotiating. >> there are some -- my republican friends on capitol hill, who are sincerely trying to see if they can find a
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healthcare bill that works. chuck ghastly of iowa -- chuck grassley of iowa, olympia snowe from maine and mike en sign. >> they are roop facing huge crowds that turned out for grassley's afternoon event. >> congress is excluding us! >> organizers of the tea parties against tax and spend government waste are are among e most angry. >> we will stand up and do it, whether it is in the election season next time oh somebody stepping out of this and running, in a situation, or if we have to, march on washington. >> the idea that ghastly could face a republican challenger for all this has certainly got under his skin. all day long he has been suggesting that he is like a little boy holding his finger in the dike to keep a flood of liberalism from spilling
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forth. he said were he not at the table to slow down the process, these august town halls would not have happened, he argues because of his work to find a deal, showed it down -- slowed it down to let all of america have a chance to let them know their sentiments. >> the treasury department said the federal deficit for july totalled $181 billion, pushing the fiscal year to date to $1.27 till onand projects the fiscal 2009 deficit to be $1.84 trillion, more than four times last year he's record high. the cost of the wars in iraq and afghanistan are plaje jor factors in that. if the p president gets his way, the u.s. will spend more in afghanistan than in iraq next year. that would be a first. the p pentagon has asked for about $65 billion for afghanistan and $61 billion for iraq. u.s. marines entered new territory today with guns blazing. correspondent greg palkot has exclusive pictures from
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afghanistan at the start of a new operation against militant forces. >> the taliban took an explosive hit in northern helmand province today. gulf company 23 marines is leading a force of 500, aiming to cheer all the taliban from the town of dahna, a crucial resupply and reroofing base for the militants. the marines reached the cam much and ran into a barrage of taliban fire. small arms, r.p.g.'s and mortars and the marines answered in kind and then some, putting up with relentless sniper fire and the searing heat. >> the marines have been on the ground for about four hours now. they say that they have killed some of the taliban, but there are several others out there and they are ready for the kill. this is a lot of ammunition you got. there >> yeah, it is. >> according to the marines, the talibans are victimizing
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the locals in this town, threatening and extorting them. if the taliban can be removed, it is hoped that an afghanistan government and security force can be established. >> success here will become an operational success in the longer term. >> estimates that are r. that several taliban were killed in fighting today. no u.s. and afghan casualties are reported. what is hard to estimate, however, is the reaction of the people of the town. they remain holed up in their houses. the fight continues. greg palkot, fox news. bret: the newest supreme court justice was welcomed to the white house this morning. sonia sotomayor was the guest of honor in an east room reception. president obama's first high court nominee was confirmed by the senate last week. >> her extraordinary breadth and depth of experience, justice sotomayor bringings a mastery of the letter of the law and an understanding of how the law unfolds in our
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bret: the u.s. trade deficit rose 4% in june, the first increase in 11 months. the deficit was $27 billion. exports rose for a second straight month t was a big day on wall street. stocks were up. the dow gained 120 and change. the s&p 500 rose by almost 11 1/2. the nasdaq finished ahead 29. the federal reserve is seemingly reinforcing the prevailing opinion that the economy is getting better. fox businessetwork
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correspondent peter barnes is here to tell us what the fed did during its two-day meeting. peter, what's the headline? >> bret, this is parsing at its finest, a great washington tradition, parsing the fed's statement today, issuing a statement on the economy and on interest rate policy. here is what it said about the economy. "information suggests that economic activity is leveling out." well, that's different from the last time they met in june in which they said "economic activity, the contraction is slowing, so all of us fed watchers took that to mean that the economy is getting better. now, it also said that the economy remains weak, and so it is not going to raise interest rates at any time soon and will keep them exceptionally low for an extended period, in its words, which means continued low interest rates for car hones, some credit cards, consumer loans and small business loans. bret: the administration is also looking at executive compensation this week. i guess one wall streeter got a nice payday today. >> yes, citi group was
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planning on paying its top energy trader up to $100 million, because he had a pretty good year and made the company hundreds of millions of dollars. the treasury department was going to take a look at this, but today we learned that treasury decided not to stop this paycheck from going through, because this trader's contract got in under the wire before congress passed these new rules. here they are, back in february, but on friday citigroup, a.i.g., g.m., chrysler and three other companies that got the most government assistance have to submit their pay plans to the new pay czar and treasury to have their pay plans reviewed and then he has 60 days to decide if he wants a change, to reject them, accept them, so it's unclear if these $100 million paydays are going to continue for wall street. bret: one guy is happy tonight. >> one guy is having a good day. bret: peter, thank you. well, if you are an average
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american, you are finally working for yourself now. let me explain. the americans for tax reform foundation and center for fiscal accountability say you have been working all year so far just to pay your share of the total cost of government. the mark falls 26 days later this year because of the increase in government spending. the president now says canada's healthcare plan is not right for the u.s., so what are the stats and would it work here? we report. you decide. and a number of mexican families relying on help from relatives inside the u.s. are now being forced into a role reversal. naing onon ud r.
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weotototatatininci on us cars for everybody anont cfidedence ininin o. caususususlendnds s ve a a a t tcks. ququq n . bret: in news around the world, the h1n1 flu has killed
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a 21-year-old iraqi woman and sickened 23 citizens and six foreigners. the u.s. military says 62 troops in iraq is been diagnosed with the virus, all undergoing treatment or have completed it. costa rican president and nobel laureate oscar arias has a mild case. he tested positive after the weekend feeling sick. he says he feels fine apart from a fever and sore throat and plans to return to a full workload next monday. ar was is the head of -- ar yes, sir is the only head of state to have contracted the h1n1 virus. o in mex he co, citizens used to getting money from relatives working inside the u.s. find that times have changed and not for the better. steve harrigan has the story from mex he co. >> money sent home from mexicans working in the u.s. totalled $25 billion last year, bigger than mexico's income from tourism.
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hard times in the u.s. economy have cut that figure by 20%, turning some rural mexican villages dependent on that money into ghost towns. >> in many maces you can see old people and children, and in many places only old people. in many places, that's all that remain. >> old, young, and no nobody in between. in a town where much of the commerce is carried out by donkeys. half-built houses like broken clocks mark the time when the flow of cash ceased. 80% of the people here once relied on remittances from the united states. now they have to rely on themselves. make a tortilla takes on an intensity when your house is on the line. katrina's husband lost his construction job in alabama and now sends nothing to his wife and four children. "he called me, she says, and said he could no longer send enough money for the kids. he told me to sell our property. i said no, but i sold the pickup truck and i put myself to work.
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there are some cases where mexicans have even begun to send reverse remittances to wire money to support relatives in the united states until the job market improves, but many here seem too frail to offer much help. it is a steep hill for manuel gonzalez, the 85-year-old now carrying home a piece of cheese for lunch. in days passed, his grandchildren used to send him several hundred doll hars a month. they worked construction in the u.s. but they have lost their jobs and that money has dried up. he makes the climb alone now, without his family around him or the money they once were able to send. in mexico, steve harrigan, fox news. bret: the proposed deployment of national guard troops along the border with mexico is being held up by internal government squabbling. the troops were a supplement patrol force would have supplemented border patrol forces as the pentagon argues
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over who will pay and what the guard personnel will do. president obama renewed his commitment while in mon mexico monday. >> a government he official nip flops to keep protestors out of his town halls and a media nip flop on cover -- a media flip lop on covering protestors outside a town clear cheer where i fall backwards and you catch me. gecko: uh no sir, honestly... uh...i don't think...uh... boss: no, no. we can do this. gecko: oh dear. vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. is what i need to control my diabetes, to stay healthy - and get on with my life. it comes from liberty medical. and now, it's not only where i get my diabetes


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